What others say about their Reiki experience

 "I had a lengthy stay in the hospital,  when discharged I felt weak and was having trouble walking due to weakness in my legs and feet.  Kate gave me several Reiki treatments over a two week period and I felt so much better.  I could feel the energy radiating through Kate even before she began touching me. Over time my strength and walking improved. Reiki is very relaxing and calming.  There is definitely a feeling of well being after a Reiki treatment.  She has also sent Reiki to me by just thinking of me and what I might need. Reiki is a wonderful experience."--Marsha L.S., Yuma AZ


"My experience with Kate Cook, as a Reiki Practitioner, was truly healing and wondrous.  I have known Kate for many years and trust her implicitly. This process can sometimes bring up past hurts and fears and that is what I believe it did.  These feelings are brought in front of you so that you can process them.  I felt a huge sense of being able to let go a major stress in my life.  She is a beautiful and caring soul."    

--Karen D., Columbia, SC


"I have been blessed to have Kate Cook give me Reiki twice.  I had recently had back and two knee surgeries and was having difficulty sleeping.   After the sessions with Kate, I was more relaxed and able to sleep.   She was very gently and made it a very  positive experience. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone thinking about Reiki."

--Jeanie O., Yuma, AZ

“If you are thinking of having a Reiki session I say go for it!!!.  I have been living with headaches most of my adult life and at times they are debilitating.  After a spur of the moment  short session with Kate,  within an hour my headache was gone .   That has been over 5 weeks ago and I still feel great.  I felt more relaxed and have been sleeping much better.  I immediately felt her energy.  She is a passionate and caring person and this reflects in her Reiki treatments.  I highly recommend Kate to anyone thinking of having a treatment.” 

--Kellie R., Beaverton, OR.


"Do not hesitate if you're thinking about having a Reiki session.  It is amazing!  Kate is awesome, she came to my home after I had surgery.  The energy she bring is heading and very calming.  I felt relaxed and centered for days.  She truly connected to a higher power."

--Debbie S., Yuma, AZ

"I first heard about Kate's Reiki Essence quite by "accident." 

I had dinner with a friend.  After dinner she asked if I minded stopping at her daughter's work as she had to drop something off. "No, not at all." Her daughter owned a dance studio. In the back of this dance studio Kate had her Reiki Essense practice. When we arrived we began joking and laughing with the daughter, just being silly. Kate came out, introduced herself, and  joined in the fun. I asked her "What is Reiki?" She tried to explain, but I think the look on my face made her realize I needed to SEE the legitimacy. So she invited me back and showed me her studio and assured me it wasn't mystical, or "new age", or anything associated with religious practices at all. It was just all about energy to aid in relaxation and healing. "Think of it like a massage without the muscle massage". We both laughed at that. I liked her immediately. There is something VERY alive about Kate. She is not only kind and meaningful, but also bubbly and confident enough to laugh at herself and to let her real self show. So I said "Relaxation and healing?? I need one of THOSE sessions." I scheduled it right then and thus began my journey.

At my first meeting, after the Reiki session, Kate said "Here, have a seat so we can talk a minute." She told me she felt as if I was carrying a lot of heavy grief energy around with me. I then explained that my husband had just died a few weeks before.

I went back to see Kate for Reiki sessions at least once a month. I told her I sure could use these weekly if I could afford them. She invited me to sign up for her classes to learn how to give Reiki to myself and others.

 In Feb of this year I took level 1 and 2 and now am offically a certified "level II Reiki Practioner." So far I have only practiced on myself; sent Reiki long distance to others I felt could use a little more peace that day; and used it on my animals. But what a difference it has made in my life. I now can keep myself surrounded by love, peace, and positive energy. I am sleeping well; have a LOT more energy; eating better (it's a process); using more essential oils and healthy alternatives; and seeing my physician a LOT LESS. My friends have even noticed how much I've changed. one of.my friends told me just yesterday "I'm sorry Mark died. I loved him and miss him too. But I really like this new you that has emerged. You are like a totally different person today." 

While there are many different factors/forces combining together at one time to have made that possible, NONE more influential than Reiki. It has truly been life changing. 

Even my animals! They experienced the loss and grief over the death of my husband as much as I did.They are more mellow now. 


My cat LOVES Reiki. I've Got to explain.   Now, I always give myself 15 min of Reiki morning when I first wake up, before I leave the bed, and at night before I drift off to sleep. But some days I have extra time mid-morning. On those days I lie back in my recliner with the dog next to me and do a full hour or so of self Reiki. I Put On the ReiKi River music and go until the music stops. 


Normally I can't pick up my cat and just put her on my lap. She thinks its a trick and immediately jumps down. So I have to wait for her to decide maybe its nap time and come up on her own. Once she'd come up here I started giving her just a little bit of Reiki. (She never cared much for touch either) When I touch her with slow strokes or just hold my cupped hand on her head or cheeks she just moves right into it. Hard to explain. But she LOVES it. 


Well now, she hears the Reiki music start and she RUNS in here and jumps on my lap. She lies down and stretches her arm out so her paw is on my hand.  It's like she is saying "Hey, I'll take some of that." LOL


 So funny that she KNOWS what that music means and runs to get some! Reiki is real and really beneficial! I now believe the "accidental" meeting that night was NO ACCIDENT. I prefer to think of it as divine intervention. God knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. Thank you, God. I LOVE REIKI!!  Thank you Kate!" 

--Jil S., Yuma, AZ

(Meet the Reiki lovin kitty)




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