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I recently decided to add the drum to my Reiki sessions because of my recent experience at the 2017 International Reiki Retreat at the Sedona Mago Retreat.  One of our sessions was called *Reiki Drumming and was facilitated by Michael Baird and Michaels son, Arthur Baird.  

Imagine perhaps, 80 people in one location and drumming to your partner to the beat of 1,2,3,4,5,6.   First off, the actual vibration I felt throughout my whole body as I was administering the beat to my partner and dear friend, Dani Montoya of Yellow Cottage Pottery in Poteau, Ok.   So, as I was holding my drum sending the Reiki energy through the drum to Dani, I too was feeling the vibrations from a room full of drumming.  The only way for me personally to describe the class in drumming is, this is too amazing not to be able to offer this amazing healing option to those who come to me for Reiki.

Drumming has been in existence for centuries.  The concept of drumming being used for not only pleasure, but for health and wellness is not a new concept for the 21st Century.  Drumming is used for stress relief, chronic pain and immune system breakdowns.  Drumming can help others express and move through emotional blocks.


When I speak of Reiki energy, I usually find an object to point to as an example that what I am touching or pointing to, is energy.  In the world of science, the chair you're sitting on as you're reading this, is energy.  So, the experience of drumming is also energy, it's a vibration that can increase your own vibrational frequency thus perhaps allowing us to move into a state of wellness, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

What Could I Experience:

When I add 10-15 minutes of drumming after a Reiki session, it is my intention that as I drum above your body, I am sending the Reiki energy through to you from the vibration of the drum.   You have the option of requesting I go softer or louder.  Although the sound of the drum is not that loud,  you will have the option of wearing a noise cancelling headset if you'd like.  

What you will feel for sure is the actual vibration of the drum's beat.  You may feel the energy.  I have heard from others, and it was expressed to me, that sometimes the vibration feels like it's electrical.   Whatever your experience it will be a powerful addition to add on to your Reiki session or as a stand alone experience.

A local Yuma Resident expressed this to me after her Reiki Session with 10 minutes of drumming: "It was earths heartbeating!  It vibrated into my soul till I became a part of Mother Earth.  I have not ever felt so grounded yet free.  I would totally want to experience this form of Reiki again." P. Sheffield

After Your Session:

As with a Reiki session I always urge you to drink plenty of water.  It is quite possible that after a Reiki session complimented with a 10-15 minute drumming session, you will experience a certain amount of detoxing.  The process is different but the end result is the same as if you'd had a full body massage, it is possible you may detox.  

Remember, the purpose of drumming is to release what no longer serves you as with a Reiki session. 

*Reiki Drumming is a registered trademark of its founders Michael Baird and Laurelle Shanti Gaia of Infinite Light and Healing Studies Center

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