Just a little about me


Many times in our lives we go through experiences where you almost wonder if it wasn’t a  predestined journey.


 I suppose that would be my story, but so not to bore you, I won’t go into all of the little details that I feel led me to become a Reiki Practitioner.  


I will, however, share with you that I am and have been for many years a very big believer in people come into our lives for a reason, whether it’s at the market and someone asks you if you could reach that product way up high because I’m almost 6’ tall and they are so appreciative, or striking up a conversation with a complete stranger in a drug store and he ends up giving you a seashell that he’s carried with him for who knows how long.  Those are the little moments I treasure and I know are little gift encounters.


I realize this is supposed to be about "Kate," but without those in my life who touched me in friendship, there would be no “About Kate's Journey” page or a website.


 As I begin to give you a little history of who Kate is, I’d like to dedicate the start of this journey to my dear friend Dani M. who lives in Oklahoma and who was extremely instrumental in me searching out this gift called Reiki Healing Energy.


I was born and raised in California most all of my life,  growing up in a little college town called Claremont from elementary school to high school graduation. I lived in many other communities in California, and I would say one in particular had to be my favorite: Walnut Creek. 


Eventually I ended up in Newport Beach, California, where I met my husband Steve who at the time owned a 70’ motor yacht and did harbor cruises.  I met Steve when my company chartered his boat for the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.  The rest is history.  I've always loved saying that my ship finally came in.


In 2003 we sold our boat and took off traveling for several months in our motor home.  One of our stops was Yuma, Arizona, and since it was January and we could wear shorts, that was all it took.  We built a home up in the Foothills and at the base of the Gila (Hila) Mountains and have never looked back.  


The peace and serenity of living in Yuma could only beget peace and serenity, and this community of people is beyond amazing.  We may not always see one another, but we are tight.  I am proud and honored to live where the stars are bright, sunsets are breathtaking and my friendships many.  










Not long after I became a Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, I just felt called to find some way to give back to my community in some way.   And as it happens, sometimes situations just open up to us when we're ready. I found myself making contact with our local and only non-profit here in Yuma, Hospice of Yuma.  After waiting several months for their next volunteer training, I was welcomed as a Reiki Master to be available to any patient (which I prefer to just call loved one) who might like to experience Reiki.  

This has been the most rewarding experience I could have ever dreamed.   And yes, I've grown very attached to so many of those I've spent time with.  

What I know for sure is, what I have been given by each and every "loved one" I've spent time with is greater then any gift I could have ever imagined.  Each and every person has enriched my life so deeply.  


Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand. 

A Yuma Sunset that I never get tired of


The nights are breathtaking, where stars 

appear almost within reach


When the moon rises over the Gila Mountains

you almost feel the pull of the powerful energy

that brings light to the darkness of the desert